The website of some of the Tibetans settled in France and active all year round to promote together their rich culture:


All the news you need to know about Tibet and Tibetans, and many informations concerning the Tibet issue. This website is maintained by Tibetans settled in India, and it is daily updated:


The last news are recorded here, but you'll also find most of the events organised in France on the behalf of Tibet (religious, cultural, political) and most of the people and groups working for it:


Excellent complement in the sites of news, this site made by specialists proposes a rich and serious documentation on the Tibet.


The "Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Institute" (ITBCI) school of Kalimpong (in India), where Tshering developed his passion for music:


Emma Bornibus, a French tale-teller who performs a Tibetan show accompanied in music by the presence of Tshering:


The first Internet TV dedicated to all forms of Buddhism:


The official website of the Tibetan government in exile :